Plain Communities Business Exchange (PCBE) is a monthly newspaper/magazine featuring stories about manufacturing, farming, and many other subjects among the plain people.  Each month we have theme based stories, with most of these being written by people with an inside view of the Amish Mennonite culture.  

Editors Note: We have some great writers that are continually submitting stories on how to start new businesses, manage cash flow, banking, employee relations and many more.  For your subscription, click on the link below or send a check to PCBE, PO Box 520, Millersburg PA 17061. Cost is $17.00 for 1 year (12 copies) mailed to your address. View a sample copy.


Business to business section along with business to buyer and classified ads. As we receive requests, we will have a monthly featured advertiser.

We are reaching out to put your ad in the hands of more tourists, businesses and buyers, by increasing circulation to include restaurants and other tourist locations throughout ILLlNOlS, INDIANA, OHIO, NEW YORK, PENNSYLVANIA and MARYLAND


About Us

First and foremost we would like to Thank You for visiting our website!  We are a monthly publication that is sent to over 11,000 addresses each month. These are mostly people that do not have access to the internet and rely on mail publications for new products and family needs. Also their primary way to stay connected with happenings outside of their community.  Many of these people also advertise their products to other plain communities and then ship them via UPS – Fedex – Mail.  This creates a network that has been established years ago and still continues, however it is on a much larger scale in our current day and age..  The networking of plain/conservative communities has always been an interesting subject and has captured a large audience.  We are proud to be a part of this communication between suppliers and purchasers and hope to continue to earn their loyal support in return.

Plain Communities Business Exchange offers different sections within the publication, here are a few that are listed; Business Services & Supplies, Alternative Energy, Woodworking Machinery, Metalworking Machinery, Diesels, Pneumatics, Hydraulics, Carriage Supplies, Health & Wellness, Auctions & Real Estate. There is also a Classified section where you can list a small word ad. And a Machinery Trader section where you can list machinery on separate lines along with a price and phone number.

You can choose a variety of ad sizes ranging from full page to 1/16 page either in color or black & white. Discounts are offered to multiple display ads run, starting at 3 months.  (Example: If you want to have a full page in one month and ½ page the next month, your discount would stay the same and there is no penalty for ad changes)

Plain Communities Business Exchange comes out at the end of each month. (Example July edition is mailed at the end of June.) Our readers enjoy the variety of articles about new business developments and also stories about yesteryears events.  Business related problems and much more. Who would not like to read about people with like-minded goals and similar experiences that each of us face each day?  

Mission Statement

Our Goal is to provide as much exposure as we can in a professional and ethical business publication, so that you can have the results you hoped for in promoting your products and services with us.